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Premium Flat Head Resin

Extra scratch resistance on synthetic labels

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Available Colours

Performance Characteristics

• Ideal choice for general, high durability labelling applications
• Provides vivid colour prints with good coverage
• Good scratch and smudge resistance
• Prints at speeds of up to 6 inches per second delivering deep, crisp images
• Low printhead energy required
• Ideal for rating plates, automotive, outdoor and pharmaceutical labels

Recommended Substrates

Vellum, matt and gloss-coated paper, cast-coated paper like Chromolux, Cardboard materials, PE, PP, PS, PET and other synthetic films

Grade Overview

This grade is an excellent all round premium resin ribbon which is available in a range of colours. It is great for printing deep, crisp images on a wide variety of synthetic and smooth labels and offers increased levels of durability and smudge/scratch resistance expected of such a premium product. It also guarantees the best possible print results on smooth surfaces and polyethylene or polyester materials. With excellent print performance at speeds of up to 6 inches per second, these colours are suitable for use on all types of flat head technology printers. It is also possible to have this grade custom made in any colour required based on certain minimum order quantities and a development charge.

*please see datasheet within the download section for full list of certifications and approvals.


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