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Premium Flat Head Wax

Most competitive option for paper based materials

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Performance Characteristics

• Manufactured with ‘Ultracoat Premium Technology’
• The industry’s best performing wax ribbon
• Prints onto all papers and synthetic films
• Excellent smudge and scratch resistance
• Extremely competitively priced
• Black dense prints
• For use in all types of general purpose labelling
• High print speeding with low energy
• Available from stock

Recommended Substrates

Vellum, uncoated, matt coated, semi-gloss, tag board

Grade Overview

Zedwax is the industry’s leading high performance resin enhanced wax which is versatile enough to print on a wide range of label materials, ranging from vellum to synthetics like PE and PP materials. Zedwax incorporates a unique ink to allow for low energy and high speed,dense, black printing of variable data, barcodes, logos and graphics.

The high performances of Zedwax allows for extended and prolonged use making it the ultimate ribbon grade for use in print and apply applications.

The increased durability of the printed image ensures that traded unit labels and pallet labels remain legible and barcodes remain readable throughout the supply and distribution chain.

It also features ‘Ultracoat Premium Technology’. This enhanced technology uses the latest innovative inks and ink release layers to ensure that the lowest possible energy is required for ink transfer.
This state of the art technology also utilises the latest anti-static and high performance back-coating formulations available to the TTR industry. These unique features allow for lower energy printing with reduced friction and static build up helping to extend the performance and working life of thermal printheads. Independent tests confirm that thermal transfer ribbons made with the ‘Ultracoat Premium Technology’ outperform the competition.

*please see datasheet within the download section for full list of certifications and approvals.


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