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What is AUTO ID

Automatic identification (or ‘Auto ID’ for short), is the term used to describe the process of automatic data capture via a variety of different technologies and methods.

The process includes identifying an object, collecting data about it and entering that data into a computer system.
All of this is done automatically and without any human involvement.

Technologies that fall under Auto ID include barcodes, QR codes & Radio Frequency Identification (or ‘RFID’ for short).

Auto ID is a popular process for situations that require fast and accurate tracking. For example, warehouse inventory.

If you imagine a large warehouse that stocks thousands and thousands of products, keeping track of the stock accurately may prove to be a difficult task if relying on manual input by humans alone.
By introducing Auto ID (let’s say in the form of a barcode on the end of each box), the warehouse would have the ability to control the stock more accurately. The barcodes would be scanned into a computer system so that the warehouse can identify and monitor the quantity in stock, where the items are located, what the items are and so on.

Auto ID is a massively popular process used in many different sectors today.