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Manifests, BOLs, AIAG labels and Parts labels created for the manufacturing, packaging, and transporting of automotive parts are extremely mission critical. Automotive suppliers must adhere to strict compliance labelling requirements.

An automotive vehicle of any type – car, van, bus, truck, tractor etc is made up of many different labelled parts including batteries, tyres, brake pads, airbags, and seat belts. These parts operate in various conditions from high speed to wet, hot or cold. These labels are vital for traceability of the parts throughout the supply chain and can include extremely important information about safety, maintenance and use. Our SDX80 and UEX35C Ribbons are perfectly matched as they provide not only the required quality but also the durability required.

Thermal transfer is also often used for the printing of number plates. It is important for the printing of registration plates to be of the highest standard to achieve that crisp, bold print that we all have on our vehicles plates today. A crisp, dark print must be paired with durability and toughness to ensure a long long-lasting printed plate. However as number plates are usually laminated after printing, our GPX10 Ribbon is fine, as the lamination will provide the protection and durability required.

With a fantastic portfolio of products, you choose the level of durability needed for the printed image and we’ll recommend a suitable product from there.