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Custom Branding

The thermal transfer industry has been continuously growing over many years meaning that big brands of thermal transfer ribbons are now easily recognisable.

This is great for offering a brand that is well known but how do you protect your ribbon business when everyone knows exactly what it is you are selling? And most importantly – how do you protect that ribbon business when others are offering the same product but at a cheaper price?

There are hundreds of companies currently selling thermal transfer ribbons which means that the competition is high. Selling a well-known brand means that if your customer does ever decide to shop around for a better price, every other TTR reseller in the industry will know exactly what you are offering and will be able to offer the same with potentially lower prices.

We can offer you a solution

At TTS, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers and offer a completely free of charge custom branding service which helps protect your thermal transfer ribbon business.Custom branding consists of a list of your own product grades references, unique part numbers, a custom branded box end label, custom branded datasheets and custom branded ribbon promotion flyers.
Only you and your customers will be familiar with the part numbers meaning that if your customer decides to shop around, other TTR resellers in the industry will be un-familiar with your part numbers and taking your ribbon business will be a much harder task.
As well as custom branding being completely free of charge, it is also an in-house service meaning that it can be set up same day with no minimum order quantities!

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