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Full testing program

The TTS testing facility is the perfect solution for customers who are unsure which ribbon grade is best suited for their application or where other grades on the market aren’t offering the desired print and durability. TTS will help you identify the best ribbon for the application or find alternative ribbons to the ones currently being used.

The facility is equipped with most of the popular brands of thermal transfer printers including in-line coding systems as well as several different standard label stocks. This enables us to run thorough testing, finishing with a detailed report, recommended products, pricing and samples.

In order for TTS to run the testing and to secure the best possible results, a minimum of five metres of the labels/substrates to be printed, together with a copy of the existing printed label is ideally required.

Where the testing relates to another supplier’s ribbon, we ask (if possible), that you also send back a sample of this ribbon. This will allow us to run comparison testing and ensure the best match.

An evaluation form is required with all testing which will be sent to you at the beginning. The form includes important information such as what printer is being used, print requirements such as whether the print needs to withstand any environmental conditions, should comply with specific standards and lots more.

We always aim to complete testing within 1-2 working days.

On-Site Ribbon Testing Programme

We also offer a service where we can send out the ribbon samples with an engineer who can ensure that all tests are conducted correctly and that the optimum printer setting are being used. Learn more about our On-site testing programme here.