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Fresh Produce

When it comes to thermal transfer printing, few applications are as demanding as those found within the fresh produce and food packaging market.

With constant pressure on growers and packers to reduce pricing and the ever-changing demands to satisfy regulatory requirements for product traceability, the labelling of products can prove to be a difficult task.

Production environments are also something that must be taken into consideration as temperatures can vary and be very humid with a lot of moisture. A lot of the products are then stored in fridges with low temperatures.

When on display in its retail environment, the print must also remain scratch and smudge resistant, and also whilst goods are moved through the supply chain. Crucial information must remain visible at all times. The consequences of this not happening can be costly… Writing off or disposing of stock not fit for sale, or worse still sending product out eventually deemed unsellable and facing costly product recall fines as a result is a very costly mistake. The print needs to withstand all these conditions

TTS has a wide range of products suitable for fresh produce packaging.