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Premium Flat Head Wax

The best choice for general purpose labelling

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This grade is a premium wax ribbon, designed to give outstanding print performance on plain and coated papers. This wax is recommended for applications where price is the main factor.

It offers a black, crisp and bold print making it an ideal product for standard printing applications that require a low level of durability to the printed image. The low level of printhead energy required to transfer the ink makes this wax a drop-in replacement product for other waxes available in the market and will offer a good performance on all types of flat head technology printers.

With print performance at speeds of up to 10” per second, at low printhead energy, this wax maintains excellent quality on low cost substrates. This wax also has the additional advantage of being ISEGA approved for use when the printed image comes into contact with non-fatty foodstuffs.

Performance Characteristics

• Ideal for coated and uncoated papers
• Excellent print quality at high speeds (up to 10”/second)
• Excellent print definition for clean, durable and dense barcodes
• Drop-in product to competitors wax ribbons
• Very low printhead energy requirements
• ISEGA certification
• Available from stock for all popular printers
• Very competitively priced

Recommended Substrates

Vellum, uncoated, matt coated, semi-gloss, tag board

*please see datasheet within the download section for full list of certifications and approvals.