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High Performance Near Edge Wax Resin

Very versatile for all types of labels and packaging films

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This high performance near edge wax resin grade is the most flexible product designed to offer excellent all-round performance on near edge technology desktop, industrial and in-line coding printer systems. This grade offers maximum print performance on all types of coated or non-coated label materials along with all types of packaging films and medical paper.

It has a proven track record as a drop-in replacement for the branded products supplied by OEMs such as Toshiba TEC, Avery, Markem, Videojet & ICE. With ISEGA approval, this grade is the ideal choice for in-line coders or desktop printers used in food packaging applications. It prints at a low temperature and offers bold, black prints at print speeds of up to 20 inches per second as well as having a high resin content that allows for high levels of durability to the printed image. This grade is available in a very wide range of stock sizes for next day delivery.

Performance Characteristics

• Prints on most types of packaging films
• Prints on all types of coated papers and synthetic films
• Prints black, bold and crisp text, graphics and barcodes
• Excellent scratch and smudge resistance
• Excellent print quality at speeds up to 500 mm/sec
• Excellent print definition for clean, durable and dense barcodes
• ISEGA certification
• Easy slot-in product replacement for other wax resin grades

Recommended Substrates

Coated paper and tag materials, synthetic paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, medical paper, most types of flexible packaging films

*please see datasheet within the download section for full list of certifications and approvals.