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Thermal transfer printing has become a cost-effective and versatile method of printing for the textile market and is often used for care labels found on garments and labels used in vehicles such as seatbelts, as well as clothing swing tickets and price tags.

This method of printing can provide excellent print quality for very small text, large characters, logos, fabric care symbols and all types of barcodes. It is important to achieve a clear, quality print as these final touches to garments can really give an impression and say a lot about the garment itself. If you are selling a high-quality jumper, you will want a high-quality care label and pricing ticket to match.

For care labels in particular, our SDX80 ribbon is suitable for printing onto various materials such as nylon, polyester, acetate, rayon, and other synthetic fibres found in the market today. Care labels are especially important as they will stay with the garment throughout its lifespan and will need to be clear and readable the entire time. The printed image must have great resistance to heat, water and solvents from cleaning detergents, able to withstand home or industrial washing, dry cleaning, bleach washing and even ironing up to 150°C.

Our SDX80 thermal transfer ribbon has been designed with all the above in mind and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.