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Opportunities for TTR sales

Over the years, developments in faster printing systems with higher resolutions have meant that the thermal transfer printing process is continually finding new applications.

At the same time, ribbons have been developed with higher sensitivity and much more application flexibility, meeting the sophisticated demands on the durability of the printed image. These developments have created more and more applications for thermal transfer printing. Sales teams should now be looking to expand their sales of thermal transfer ribbons not only in the traditional industrial and desktop printers but to the huge growth areas of print and apply systems and to the direct packaging printing applications of in-line coding printers.

Currently, annual sales of ribbons for label, tag and direct packaging printing exceeds 720 million square metres in Europe. Demand is still strong and there are still no real alternative technologies in view. Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and increased competition, companies and their sales teams need to make sure that they are maximising on their sales opportunities for thermal transfer ribbons and not missing out on opportunities that may exist within their own customer base.

Thermal transfer ribbons are not only used within the print room but can be used widely throughout other areas of manufacturing, packing and logistics operations. Please see below for more information.