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Barcoding technology is an essential component of a lean, agile retail business. Keeping goods moving and monitoring them on their path simultaneously is a struggle for many businesses. The ebb and flow of supply and demand is easier to manage with an efficient barcoding and labelling system.

Key Applications:

• Price Markdown Solutions
The ability to implement sale markdowns at short notice is a vital activity for any retail operation. As competitive pressure increases, the need to be seen as a ‘good value’ store is essential. Running ‘instant sales’ creates consumer interest and helps to clear seasonal stock and slow moving lines.

• Promotional Labelling
Promotional labelling solutions are ideal for added value pricing needs such as multi-buys. Labels are designed and produced to your store requirements and reflect product specifications and your company’s branding.

• Price Labelling
To avoid customer confusion, pricing labels on retail items need to be clear and legible.

• Hang Tags or Swing Tickets
Printers can be used to print any variable information such as barcodes, pricing and size.