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On-site Ribbon Testing Program

Rather than us just sending you samples for testing, why not book an engineer who can come out and ensure that all ribbons are tested correctly and any alterations to the printer are carried out properly?

We offer a service where we can send out the ribbon samples with an engineer who can ensure that all tests are conducted correctly and that the optimum printer setting are being used. You would then receive a post visit report with a full set of test results showing how well the various ribbon grades work, what levels of durability is provided and how well any barcodes scan. Our engineer may also be able to advise or any potential size changes or alternative grades that can also improve the print performance or help the client save costs.

There is a charge for this service but this would be then credited after the first £500 worth of ribbons have been purchased for the site where this visit was carried out. Contact us today to discuss or book an on-site visit.