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High Performance Flat Head Wax Resin

Great print performance with excellent scratch resistance

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This grade is one of the best performing flat head technology wax resin grades on the market and offers an excellent all round high performance for printing dark, crisp images and barcodes on a wide range of paper and synthetic labels, with the durability and smudge/scratch resistance expected of such a premium product.

Developed specifically to cover the widest possible range of synthetic materials and coated papers, this grade offers the highest level of durability and performance from a flat head technology wax resin grade. This grade has been developed to print at low energy levels allowing for higher print speeds.

It has also been used very successfully as a replacement grade for the world’s leading wax resin grade, Ricoh B110A.

Performance Characteristics

• High levels of print durability
• Prints on a wide variety of substrates from uncoated papers to mid-range synthetic films
• Dark, dense images for reliable printing
• Prints at high speeds delivering crisp, rotated barcodes
• Dissipates static
• Heat resistant up to 120°C on certain materials
• Features enhanced printer performance
• Meets BS5609 standards with certain label materials
• Excellent replacement grade for Ricoh B110A

Recommended Substrates

Coated/uncoated paper & tag stocks, synthetic paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, gloss paper, flood-coated paper, UV varnished labels

*please see datasheet within the download section for full list of certifications and approvals.

Available Products

No Suitable Products Available; Contact us to discuss production in custom sizes
Product CodeWidthLengthWindingCoreCore DiaBox QtyMin Order Qty
PDX80-050360-IW50mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm3030
PDX80-055360-IW55mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm3030
PDX80-065360-IW65mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-076360-IW76mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-083360-IW83mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-090360-IW90mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-104360-IW104mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-110360-IW110mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-114360-IW114mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-130360-IW130mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-155360-IW155mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-170360-IW170mm360mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-055450-IW55mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm2424
PDX80-076450-IW76mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-083450-IW83mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-090450-IW90mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-110450-IW110mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-130450-IW130mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-155450-IW155mm450mInsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-058074H-OW58mm74mOutside58mm Wide Card Core, 2 notches each end13mm25150
PDX80-064074H-OW64mm74mOutside110mm Wide Card Core, 2 notches each end13mm2525
PDX80-084074H-OW84mm74mOutside110mm Wide Card Core, 2 notches each end13mm2525
PDX80-110074H-OW110mm74mOutside110mm Wide Card Core, 2 notches each end13mm2525
PDX80-110091H-OW110mm91mOutside110mm Wide Card Core, 2 notches each end13mm2525
PDX80-040300-OW40mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm3030
PDX80-050300-OW50mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm3030
PDX80-055300-OW55mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm3030
PDX80-060300-OW 60mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-070300-OW70mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-080300-OW80mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-090300-OW90mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-104300-OW104mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-110300-OW110mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-130300-OW130mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-155300-OW155mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-165300-OW165mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-170300-OW170mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-220300-OW220mm300mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1515
PDX80-055450-OW55mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm2424
PDX80-060450-OW60mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-065450-OW65mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-076450-OW76mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-083450-OW83mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-090450-OW90mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-104450-OW104mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-110450-OW110mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-130450-OW130mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-155450-OW155mm450mOutsideStandard Card Core25.5mm1212
PDX80-083300T-OW83mm300mOutside118mm Wide Centre Wound Card Core, 2 notches each end25.5mm1515
PDX80-110300T-OW110mm300mOutside118mm Wide Centre Wound Card Core, 2 notches each end25.5mm1515