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Laser Marking

Lasers provide the most advanced marking and encoding system, a process that is both efficient and effective. An investment with a certain return that is easily quantifiable.

A laser system is a fantastic solution for the permanent marking of any shaped products, packaging films, labels, cartons and many other applications with permanent markings without the need for consumables.

Laser marking is a “contact free print” technology that offers a range of undeniable benefits compared to alternative processes.

• Indelible: laser marking is forever!

• Cost effective: laser do not require any consumables

• High graphic quality that is always absolutely constant over time

• Unparalleled productivity thanks to the possibility of continuous operation, with no downtime for replacing consumables: lasers provide a “non-stop” marking system!

• Minimum maintenance requirements, thanks to the absence of moving parts and components subject to wear

• Eco-friendly: lasers don’t produce any residual waste

• Absolutely clean: light is clean!