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Tertiary Packaging

Thermal transfer printing can be used to label pallets and containers for transportation purposes. These labels supply the information required for the distribution network.

So, we have seen the opportunities to supply thermal transfer ribbons for applications onto the primary packaging and the secondary packaging. The tertiary packaging refers to the pallets or containers that group together all the secondary packaging for shipments. The biggest application here is for pallet labels. This printed logistics label will provide the full list of what is included on the pallet allowing for automated barcode scanning to book products in or out of stock.

The most common label used for this application is a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC Label). The size of these labels must confirm with a recognised standard which is 147mm x 210mm. Therefore, you will need large ribbons of at least 155mm wide to print these labels. Again the requirements for printing pallet labels will be with all types of companies whether they are shipping food items or automotive parts. You should never forgot to look for these opportunities within your customer base.